Agrar Systems Palletizers

The Agrar Systems palletiser is a compact but powerful machine. The palletiser is multifunctional for applications in agriculture and industry, for bagged goods in various bag sizes ranging from 10 to 50 kg. The machine has an extremely unique and extremely stable undercarriage specially developed in case of unstable surfaces. This is done via a very ingenious system of adjustable legs.

Machine features:
  • CE marking
  • High-performance security system
  • User-friendly touchscreen with state-of-the-art software capabilities
  • Programmes freely programmable
  • Exact bag positioning for perfect bag stacking     
  • Compact design and cleverly divisible for transport
  • High capacity of up to 650 units per hour depending on supply and discharge
  • Long service life through use of high-quality materials


  • Can be expanded with roller conveyors and winder
  • Custom column height
  • Pallet warehouse