EURO bigbagvuller DBBF

Automatic double bigbag filler with weighing device and crate detection for filling bigbags. Filling of bigbags is possible on one side or both sides, in alternating operation with sensor switching, and automatic switching on and off via weight or filling height.

  • Selector switch for manual and automatic operation
  • 2 electric drop-sails 600 mm x 650 mm with sensor switch for height adjustment
  • With bigbag monitoring and automatic start
  • 2x 2000 kg weighing system
  • Switched socket for feed belt
  • Belt motor 0.37 kW/400 V
  • Height-adjustable base frame
  • Capacity approx. 30 tonnes/hour

Euro-Jabelmann roller cleaner

Roller cleaner to easily separate crops from soil and foliage.

  • Low-noise chain drive with 7 rollers
  • Optional: steel spirals, PU rollers or smooth rollers
  • Roller width approx. 1600 mm and 90 mm diameter
  • Inclination infinitely adjustable
  • Height-adjustable undercarriage with 2 castors and 2 swivel castors
  • Also available in maxi version!

Euro-Jabelmann brushing machine

Brushing machine suitable for brushing potatoes, onions, carrots, beetroot, etc. clean of dirt.

  • 10 corrugated brushes, 1100 mm wide
  • Suitable for multiple crop types
  • Driven by gear motor (0.75 kW / 400 V)
  • Chassis with 2 wheels and 2 swivel castors, height adjustable
  • Rubber cover
  • Optional: speed adjustable with frequency controller

Euro-Jabelmann conveyor

  • Suitable for sorters, boxes, bunkers, big bags, etc.
  • Chassis with wheels, height adjustment via winch
  • Drive motor 0.75 kW / 400 V
  • Rubber feed hopper
  • Belt speed approx. 15.5 m/min
  • Optional: belt speed adjustable with frequency controller from approx. 5 to 19 m/min

Euro-Jabelmann weighing machine

Modernised and ergonomically adapted bagging weigher for packing potatoes and onions.

  • Fully automatic operation
  • Weighing range 1-30 kg
  • Electronic weighing system
  • With 2 weighing rods and weight adjustment
  • Touchscreen operation
  • Belt width approx. 400 mm
  • Electrical emptying of the pre-weighing hopper via touchscreen sensor
  • Pocketcounter

Euro-Jabelmann paper bag weighing and packaging machine

Fully automatic weighing and packaging machine for paper bags. Consisting of bag scale and automatic sewing machine for packing potatoes and onions in paper bags of 1.5 – 5 kg.

  • Weighing tray with pneumatic opening
  • Electronic weighing device with weight setting
  • Touch screen operation
  • Dosing belt 250 mm wide
  • Bag magazine